Demo is available until the next bug.

New ico file updated but not sure it works 100%.

Fixed a few minor bugs.

Tweaked own class ability 

: Knight = 20% of 100% dmg absorption, Warrior = gets raged when he gets hit by enemies

:Archer = shoots guided arrows , Wizard = teleport instead of dash, starts with 3 scrolls

Changed enchanting weapon works. (Scroll enchant works 100% till +5 Enchant)

Tweaked where bombs land. (more accuracy)

Added 2 more HUD ( total 3. you can change in the option)

Added a key to hide Items (default key: Tab)

Added Dashing ability to Knight, Warrior, Archer and Teleport to Young wizard. (default key: Shift key)

Working on the foundation of various items for now.

Save and load system will be updated in a few days.

Planned re-balance after adding all the contents.


Legend of 74 MB
May 24, 2022

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