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Legend of Kendor is a Fantasy Free-Roaming Action Roguelike game.
This is about people in Kendor trying to save their loved one.

Game Features

- Fights and Secrets

- Level up and Loot

- Save Townsfolk, Puppies, and Cats 

- Be #1 High score on Daily Seeds (after release)

- Perma Death & Procedurally Generated Levels

- Rebindable Keyboard Control 

- Full Controller Support

- No Meta Progression 

- +100 Items and Weapons

Planned Features

- Localization 

- Local CO-OP 

- Unlocks and Achievements 

- More Items , Monsters, Weapons, and Hidden Playable Characters

Legend of Kendor is Heavily inspired

by many other same genre games.

Most of Art assets are done by @pickysource, @RottanaArt , @rephildesign, @ninjatori_, @somepx and various purchased resources from the market.
Music composed by @modalmodule
Sound was done by Niilo Takalainen

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Legend of Kendor is released as Early Access on Steam



-Working on the boss fight and finalizing weapons.

- Steam Early Access Launch sale is set 40% which is at maximum.

- Only launch sale is at 40%.

2022. 11.22

- Story scenes, Tutorial Stages working okay

- All the merchants are working as intended

- Items and Weapons are added properly but not tested fully

- Almost everything is ready 

- Steam Early Access Launch sale is set 30% 

- Localization setup is ready but not translated yet. It will be ready sometimes 

after the release



Demo is available on the Steam page



- Xbox controller support updated (please report bug if you find one)

-Temporary Tutorial NPC added (it will be replaced with proper tutorial level later)

-Kids mode NPC added , you can change the color of blood (red, blue, rainbow)

-Various merchant NPC added (some of them will be updated later)

-You can replace your current weapon on Blacksmith NPC while maintaining its current enchant

-1 New item added 

- The content of weapon chest is not fully updated yet.


Currently demo is available for short time.

Added NPCs to save. 

Updated BGM for shoppers.

Added 3 Monsters in certain biome. (They will get updated more later)


Currently demo is not available.


In the demo, player dies after 30min from the curse of Demo god.

Pets are added.

In released version, there will be no curse and more pets.

You can pet the dogs.

Use shift key to use skills.


No demo available for now. 

Working on fixing bugs and adding contents.


Finally able to working on the game 110% of my time.

Planned to Early Access on this summer with much better version.

Please understand this version is far from the finished game.

2022. 3. 5

Changed the game title, game mechanics.

Still in Development.

Just finished Local Co-op play and controller support parts.

Working on the level design and monster AI.

Working on the many small stuffs.


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StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
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TagsCats, Difficult, Fantasy, Fast-Paced, Hack and Slash, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Top-Down, Twin Stick Shooter
Average sessionA few minutes
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