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Legend of Kendor is released on Steam
2 Released as Early Access. Launch sale is at 40% for now. Thank you all...
New Demo is UP - Xbox controller support updated ( please report bug if you find one ) -Temporary Tutorial NPC added (it will be replaced with proper tutorial l...
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Balance and others updated
How dragon breathe (dragon's explosion) works is updated. To give more tension to players, changed how much players can see on the screen. Please leave your fee...
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Demo is available for a short period time
2022.5.28 In the demo, player dies after 30min from the curse of Demo god. Pets are added. In released version, there will be no curse and more pets. You can pe...
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Pet the dog
Hostage NPC updated. You can either free them or kill them. Working on various merchant NPCs. Now you can pet the dog(s) If you don't pet them for a long time...
Demo is available until the next bug.
New ico file updated but not sure it works 100%. Fixed a few minor bugs. Tweaked own class ability : Knight = 20% of 100% dmg absorption, Warrior = gets raged w...
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Shader error was fixed
2022 May Demo_1.exe is the new file. If you were having a problem, please check the new file please. I hope no more critical bug come up any more. Thanks for yo...
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2022 Demo is available for 24 hours.
Hello, I am the sole developer of Legend of Kendor (Kill The Dragon). For 5 years, there has been a lot going on with life. I worked on this from time to time b...
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General Discussion
started by pickysource Jul 31, 2020
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If you find a bug, please copy and paste the contents of the bug report or simply explain the situation here please. It...
started by pickysource Jul 31, 2020
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