A downloadable game

Kill The Dragon is a Fantasy Top-down Action Arcade game.
The Dragon has done unspeakable things to you.
Now it is time to payback.
Destroy dragon's minions and kill The Dragon.

- Perma Death & Procedurally Generated Levels
- 4+ Playable Characters with their own Skills and Upgrades
- Many Weapons and Items
- Different Environments
- Boss Fights
- Secrets
- Rebindable Keyboard Control
- Controller Support

** Planned Features **
- Local CO-OP
- Unlocks and Achievements
- Mac and Console Ports

Kill The Dragon is Heavily inspired
by Nuclear Throne and Risk of Rain.

Most of Art assets are done by @pickysource, @RottanaArt , @rephildesign, @ninjatori_, @somepx
Music composed by @modalmodule
SFX was done by @nilkki1 (Niilo Takalainen)

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** No public demo until the release date to focus on development.


Still in Development.