A downloadable game for Windows

Kill The Dragon is a Fantasy Top-down Action Arcade game.

The Dragon has done unspeakable things to the world and now it is time to payback.

Destroy dragon's minions and kill The Dragon.


No Gamepad Support yet.

No Mac Support yet.

Still No SFX yet.

Just One Boss for now.

Use Keyboard( W A S D or Arrows) and Mouse(L/R Button).

I appreciate any feedback. Thanks for playing!

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Kill The Dragon has been Greenlit. Steam Greenlight

Kill The Dragon is heavily inspired by my favorite games,

especially Nuclear Throne.

** Character Specific Abilities ,Upgrades, Shop, and Items are

not implemented yet. **

Install instructions

I will appreciate if you leave your feedback on here or twitter.

It's worth a lot to me. Thanks for Playing! =D


KTD_Mar30th_PublicDemo.exe (4 MB)


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Would really love it if i was able to play with a controller! Elsewise i think the game is amazing and cant wait until new content

I would love to let you play with a controller!! I am working on it!! Thanks for the interest.

It's sad seeing the direction you take this game, it has lots of potential but you've totally just ripped off nuclear throne and edited some graphics.

Like, the areas are not even unique, you've used the same areas as in nuclear throne.

Plus, the tileset & the random generation is exactly the same just repainted.

Even the GUI is exactly the same.

It's just sad, really, because you've lots of potential, and not even bothering to come up with anything by yourself is just. ugh..

You should atleast make it cheaper than nuclear throne.

Hey man, keep up the good work! The attack animations and cam-shakes make fighting and smashing things a pretty satisfying experience.

Some bugs / things I noticed:
- Spearmen can stab you through walls.
- Enemies will not attack you when the lower half of your body is behind a wall (my guess is that the player's hitbox is inside the wall at this point, thus unreachable. This may actually be the reason spearmen can stab you through walls.)
- It seems to me like projectiles aren't fired exactly towards the center of the crosshair, but their shadows are.
- I found hostile arrows to be pretty difficult to keep track of since they blend a bit too well into the environment and hitmarkers, especially when the screen shakes (a highlight-color in addition to / instead of the already present white might be an option.)
- I had a hard time figuring out what the effects of picking up certain foods were. I attribute this to the lack of (animated) icons for things like health and gold, but I'm pretty sure that's on your todo-list already :P

Anyway, I hope this feedback is useful to you. Good luck in your dev-quest!

Your feedback is AWESOME!!! I sincerely thank you!!

I will fix those issues as soon as possible.

Hostile arrows are pain to stand out in the given enviornment.

I will update this public demo soon with upgrade and leveling system.

- Spearmen can stab you through walls (Intentional)

- Enemies will attack you when the lower half of your body is behind a wall

- Projectiles will be fired exactly towards the center of the crosshair.

- Changed the look of hostile arrows

- all the foods give you Stamina 10 for now

Please let me know if you find anything weird.

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Great game. I have 2 questions if you don't mind.

Did you do it by yourself? (I mean alone)

And have you used a game engine? If that's the case, which did you use?

I hope to see it finished someday. Good luck!

(Sorry for bad english, haha)

No Worry, I am not a native speaker too. Thanks for the reply. 1. I did it by myself with helps from various sources(mostly tutorials on the Internet, paid resources) 2. I am using Game Maker Studio 1.4

Planned release date is May 2017. Hope I can finish it around that time. Thanks!

Very cool game, i really like the art. It just feels a bit to easy but as you said, you didn't finish balancing and i'm looking forward to it :)

Thanks for the feedback! =D

Great work so far, keep it up!

One thing I did find a bit crazy was the amount of coins that explode across the screen. It goes well with the over-the-top feel of the game, but it clutters the rooms a bit and makes it hard to see enemies. Maybe try to make enemies stand out more over the coins. Or just decrease the amount (not too much though) and up their value.

Still a great game so far, cant wait to see what comes out of it.

Thanks for the feedback! I will take it seriously!!

one question, is there even an end, like I'm at level 101 right now XD I had a blast playing this game, and the tomahawk is my go to weapon as soon as I started the game. The game is awesome, needs a little work but still. And why does G make everything visible?

oh my. thanks for playing my game that long. G key is only for debug purpose. The game needs a lot of work.

no problem, I love the game. But I think the tomahawk might be a little bit to strong, like i could wipe out a level with 30 enemies within 1 minute.

yeah i haven't finish balance+item variation yet.

please kinda keep it like a pretty powerful weapon, just lower it's chance of drop.


I keep getting "Download Failed - Network Error" Then if I try resuming, "Download Failed - Forbidden".

Never-mind, eighth try was the charm.

AWESOME GAME BRO, it plays really well, though it has no musicnor anything, the game is really cool, don't rush to mamke the boss or anything, the art is amazing also. really fun.. keep up man


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When do you think you will have a dragon to kill. I do not want you to rush to make one but I think it will be awesome!

someday before this Summer I think.


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[Ger] KillTheDragon - ohne den Drachen


Good luck for your game !

Great game keep up the work. What type of music style are you going to drop in the game? Get the shop in the game upgrade evey thing. Had a lot of fun playing it thanks alot.

Thanks for the feedback! I will need help from professionals for the sound and music. Once contents are filled up I will look for one. Also, as you said, shop for spending coins and abilities are planned. Thanks again!


Had a nice time playing so I can't wait for more content. And the dragon. Will it be a boss or a final boss and other 'smaller' bosses along the way?

There will be various bosses and dragon of course. Thanks for the feedback!

hmm you should make a video introducing people to the game

sure! once the game has some contents to show off =D

right now it doesn't really have any contents yet.

like, no place to spend golds, no boss...

need to work on those stuffs from now on.

OK yea yayayayayayayayayayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy